an inspirational compilation
of lighting ideas.

Get a free copy of an album full of photos from intriguing interiors. LIGHT BOOK is available only in a paper and limited version! If you want to receive a copy of the LIGHT BOOK album – fill out the form, and we will contact you to arrange a meeting.

The album features bilingual texts: in Polish and English.

LIGHT BOOK is dedicated to people related to the architectural, design and lighting industries.


What will you find in the LIGHT BOOK?


Lighting inspirations

From private interiors, to offices and restaurants, right up to exhibition ideas e.g., in stores or galleries.

LIGHT BOOK is a collection of carefully selected interior designs, where lighting plays the most important role.

Proven tips on interior lighting.

Every space poses different challenges of lighting designs. Here comes the LIGHT BOOK, where we discuss matters that should be particularly considered.

Tips & tricks



Overview of the latest trends on the lighting market

LIGHT BOOK presents current trends in lighting design solutions.

The times when lighting fixtures performed only one function – they either looked good or gave proper light, fortunately, are gone a long time now.

LIGHT BOOK features a special place for all the ideas that come to your mind!

The last pages of the book are dedicated to your notes, ideas, observations and designs.

Sketchbook – a space for you


What is the


What can you find
in the LIGHT BOOK?

Every day we receive unique realisations designed by architects and interior designers, which comprise AQForm lighting fixtures. From surprising arrangements, smartly combining various styles, to minimalist interiors embracing modern charm.

What is of great importance to us is that the realisations we receive prove to combine functionality with design. The interiors captured in pictures became an incentive for us to develop the LIGHT BOOK – an album created to inspire.

  • Design inspirations
  • Overview of the latest lighting trends
  • A handy knowledge base on the lighting solutions for various types
    of interiors


Grab 100 pages of inspiration!

Light. Forms. Life.

Light keeps us company every day. It brings out the objects of the dark. Light determines the way we perceive a given object. Light also affects our emotions and well-being. That is why it is worth knowing the capabilities of light to apply them consciously in projects.

Thanks to the LIGHT BOOK you will learn how to derive from different properties of light in interior design.

Get inspired!

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